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I have been on a corporate marketing team, directed a professional conference, boarded a professional design chapter, edited gigs of videos, been to some great conventions, and drawn naked people.

I have always been a curious person that likes to take things apart and see what makes them tick. When I first started learning about design, I felt like I was learning a secret language that is behind everything. Almost everything you see is designed in some way (or should be!)

Everyone who has ever met me describes me as a leader.

My trick? I make teams believe they can do anything. Then I plug in the gaps using my almost decade of design-everything experience. I have a fiery curiosity and a unique blend of experiences that keep me on a first-name basis within the San Diego design community. (My colorful hair helps.)


I have a deep passion for making things better. Nothing gets me more energized than taking something and finding ways to tweak it, play with it, or overhaul it to make it work in a way that improves the way people work with it.

There are so many places to pull in new knowledge and I try to take advantage of them as much as possible, from events like Adobe Max or the AIGA Y Conference to workshops and online tutorials. There's something about constantly pushing your boundaries that seem to pull me forward.


I have worked in many different aspects of the design world, including agencies, in-house design teams, freelance, healthcare, and international. When I can be on a team and lead people to push themselves in new ways, I feel invigorated. Every team is different and I like to find what drives each individual and how I can help them succeed in our shared environment.