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Volcano Corporation

Volcano Corporation

Volcano Corporation is the global leader in intravascular imaging and offers a suite of peripheral therapeutic devices. As a creative designer for the company, I promoted Volcano's broad range of technologies through print, web, and product design. Designing for a medical device company was a new experience for me and I learned quite a lot about image-guided therapy during my time here.







As part of a small design team that managed the branding, digital media, and any artwork, I was creating concepts for tradeshows, magazines, products, data sheets, and anything else that needed created within the company. As an example, there were many occasions where a device needed to be illustrated in great detail (as these products are often less than a few millimeters).



Although based in San Diego, Volcano has offices in Japan, Costa Rica, and throughout Europe. We would translate the material and distribute them to those other teams.


Volcano Corporation hosts an annual wellness challenge where we team up with a group that tracks your health by comparing it to traveling the world. Every time you add your movement to the website or app, it translates your distance moved to new locations. I created a poster and passport for the occasion and held a photo shoot on opening day to get people excited. People took silly photos to put on their passports, which they then clipped onto their desks as a reminder to keep up with the app.



I found a creative way to showcase our products that provide more information about the patient. From this came brochures that open up to reveal more details and how they relate to features of the product. This allowed us to show how products and people can work together, giving you “the whole picture” to treat patients accordingly.