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Y-Conference 21

Y-Conference 21

"The Y" is AIGA San Diego’s yearly design conference, for which I acted as Art Director. For its 21st iteration, Y21 featured 20 inspiring thinkshops and hands-on workshops, 10 legendary speakers from all over the country, and two jam-packed days of speeches and parties.

Every Y Conference employs a primary theme for the speakers, and for Y21 the theme was "distilled". This wasn't only meant as an examination of the most crucial elements of design, but a play on words to celebrate a coming of age in the Y's 21st year.

From the Y21 promo material: "With a world of information at your fingertips, you are challenged to extract quality from quantity and DISTILL that information into a clear vision. Y21—you won't get a more spirited and personal view on design anywhere else!"

Please check out the website we designed for Y21 here!

This was the video that played at the beginning of the conference:

These folded up postcards were sent out to every AIGA member in the area. They open up into a full poster.




There is always a lot of editing involved in such a large campaign, but I actually enjoy this part!




The program was an intensive piece with many elements that all fit together in the end.





Working on a team full of creative people is a wonderful yet challenging experience! There are so many good ideas it's sometimes difficult to get a team to focus on one.


The first Y Conference was over 20 years ago, and the original wooden "Y" statues they built stand to this day. This year we painted them simple colors and designed them to have large cutouts jumping off of them.





Here is a timelapse of the photoshoot I directed to get the assets we needed.